Curator’s live tour 1/7/20

Here is the latest live tour in the Garden which took place on 1st July; Nick discusses pollination including the evolutionary adaptations of flower colour and shape, the native grassland and the importance of knapweed and yellow rattle, and the plants of the Mediterranean Maquis.

We apologise for the low sound quality in this video, but there should be enough to enjoy the tour!

3 thoughts on “Curator’s live tour 1/7/20

  1. How lovely to see the plants at the Botanic Garden doing so well – many congratulations to the team for putting in so much hard work during this lock-down period. It was a really interesting choice of plants to focus on in the tour – I was listening hard to the Latin names! Interesting too that the knapweed at BBG is already in flower. The knapweed in my wild front lawn in Frenchay is always a bit later than this – a different species perhaps??
    I await with interest the next live tour, keeping my fingers crossed that it might include a bit on aquatic plants as I am now the proud owner of a new pond and really looking forward to it coming to life over the next few weeks.
    Thank you so much for all the interesting reports etc over the last few months. It has been fantastic to learn so much about the garden and the history and habits of the plants.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Sylvia, we’ll pass this on to Nick. Your later flowering knapweed might have something to do with when it sets seed, when it was cut the previous year and the aspect of the meadow. Anyway, its sure to arrive soon and bring those wonderful pollinators with it. Great to hear from you! Andy.

  2. Hi I am a former apprentice at Bristol botanic gardens from many moons ago! What a great looking garden you have at this site. I am now in charge of my own modest garden, but still remember many things that I learnt at Bristol.

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