Useful plants collection

Chinese Herb GardenPaeonia x suffruticosa ‘Akashigata’Foeniculum vulgare - fennelWestern Herb GardenPhytolacca americana - pokewortTriticum aestivum - wheat

Food and medicine displays showing our relationship with useful plants. Home to the largest collection of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs in the UK.

Chinese medicinal herb garden

Our Chinese medicinal herb garden is unique in Europe and grows 180 species, the largest collection of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs in the UK. It aims to provide a comprehensive collection of plants used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Western herb garden

The Western herb garden has been designed to reflect the origins of traditional western herbal medicine. The display shows plants that are used to treat specific parts of the body, such as the lungs, heart, and intestines.

Other medicinal and food and spice plants

In addition to the Chinese and Western herb gardens, we also grow medicinal plants connected with Ayurvedic medicine (originating in India) and traditional Southern African medicine 

Important food and spice plants are grown with their wild relatives, and seasonal displays of vegetables illustrate some of the varieties imported into the United Kingdom to provide out of season food.