Curator’s live tour 17/6/20

This week we attempted a live tour of the Garden on our Facebook page with Curator Nick Wray. Of course, despite the driest spring and early summer we can remember, the rain fell down and the thunder and lightening raged. The show went on however, and for those who missed it, here it is in all it’s glory; enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Curator’s live tour 17/6/20

  1. I enjoyed the live tour so much. Thanks indeed to Nick Wray and the cameraman for such an interesting tour in such a downpour. I hope they both got dry quickly.

  2. Great tour! When will the gardens be re-opening? Seems like the government allows it not but no news on the website… Maggie

    1. Hello Maggie, at the moment we’re not looking to open until late July/early August, initially for Friends of the Garden. We have quite a lot to consider with elderly Welcome Lodge volunteers and a very small team to manage a socially distanced Garden. We also have to follow the University’s guidelines, keep an eye on the R number which is too high at the moment in the West Country and make sure everything is absolutely as safe as it can be. We’ll look at ticketed time slots to start with before we get back to normal later; as soon as we finalise everything it will appear on our website and social media. I hope this helps and sorry it couldn’t be sooner.

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