Local flora and rare native collection

Dactylorhiza fuchsiiHelianthemum appenninumPrimula verisNative meadow

A series of mini West Country habitats. Home to some of the South West’s rare and threatened native flora. This collection is part of our commitment to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.

Avon Gorge

The Avon Gorge display represents the 1.5 mile (2.5km) long gorge cut by the river Avon through a ridge of mostly carboniferous limestone. The terrain provides a sheltered microclimate of sunbaked niches suitable for plants at the northern end of their natural range.

Deciduous woodland

The deciduous woodland display features limestone woodland species from local sites, and hedgerow and woodland habitats are incorporated into the existing ancient woodland that is already present in the garden.

Mendip Hills, limestone cliffs and coastal islands

Find out about the Mendip Hills, limestone cliffs and coastal islands displays. The Mendip Hills display highlights rare scrubland and grassland flora found on the carboniferous limestone of the area. The limestone cliffs and coastal islands display comprises local plant species from a variety of locations in the South West including Devon, Cornwall, the Bristol Channel and South Wales.

Aquatic plants

The aquatic plants display shows some of the plants found in the abundance of ditches, drainage rhynes and river systems in the Bristol area.

Calcareous grassland

In the calcareous grassland display, local calcareous grassland habitats of Durdham and Clifton Downs are represented. This display showcases the herb rich grassland overlying the thin soils of these biologically rich areas.