As I always say, I love water, I couldn’t live without it… pause for laughter…🤦 Water is a life giver; in its primordial soup days it was the catalyst for all organisms.  Deep down I think we all, one way or the other, have a fascination with bodies of water, from the biggest ocean or lake to a small rockpool or garden pond, we all can while away time watching the world within a world. Our Botanic Garden pool is no different, a captivating show full of skilled performers at the top of their game. (more…)

Green energy in monstrous May

May is monstrous, in a good way. An unstoppable surge of green enveloping everything, gunnera leaves fighting their way from the earth like zombies and the croziers of tree ferns unwinding like the kraken from sea water. This beast like energy is on our side, scaring away spring and winter back to the past where it now belongs, the power of nature is never felt more intensely. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “there is potent blood in modest May”. (more…)

The Ancients

The Garden is open again and we’re all looking forward to seeing visitors back, and they’ll be back in time to catch the optimism of spring throughout the displays. Tulips in the Mediterranean, magnolias in the family beds and ruffled new leaves clambering out of buds and stretching into action. They’ll also see carpets of flowers that we didn’t plant, they were here before the Botanic Garden and maybe before whatever was before the Botanic Garden; they’re Anemone nemerosa otherwise known as wood anemones. (more…)

Let’s hear it for the artists.

Walled by Alice Maltby, Voluntary Marketing and Publicity Officer, University of Bristol Botanic Garden

Toni Burrows, The Arches fox.

Sculpture is alive and well during lockdown. Behind closed doors, the kilns have still been busy firing up; stained glass scored, cut and soldered; bronze statues polished and ideas for new prototypes conceived.

While most of their shows have been cancelled and the sculptors have missed the interaction with their audience, much of an artist’s life is a solitary one, so they have been able to use their time creatively.

Hopefully we shall see their new ideas next Easter (2022). However if you are racking your brains because you cannot find the ideal present, have a look at the sculptors’ websites. (more…)