Evolution collection

Nepenthes a carnivorous plant in our evolution collectionLantana camaraThe cones of a primitive cycadArisarum proboscideum

Five displays tell the story of plant evolution. Discover prehistoric plants dating back 200 million years. See how plants have developed adaptations and strategies to survive.

Evolution of land plants

The evolution of land plants display shows how plants colonised the planet from the sea. It charts progress from the Cambrian period until the evolution of flowers in the Triassic period.

Angiosperm phylogeny

The Angiosperm phylogeny display is laid out as the family tree of flowering plants. It represents the latest understanding on the evolutionary relationships and classification of flowering plants inferred from comparisons of their DNA sequences.

Floral diversity

The floral diversity displays illustrate the range of ways that plants are pollinated. Flowering plants make up 92% of the world’s flora and have many diverse, often specific, relationships with their pollinators.

New Zealand plants

The New Zealand plants display highlights convergent evolution amongst the flora of this fascinating country.

Adaptation to the environment

The adaptation to the environment display shows the strategies plants employ to survive under different conditions.