Pollinator walk with Steven Falk


September 5th and 6th would have been our Bee and Pollination Festival which had to be postponed this year. So, we asked Steven Falk, national expert on all things pollination, to take a walk around the Botanic Garden and see what we would find. Here is the results, we hope you enjoy watching it as much as did making it.


1 thought on “Pollinator walk with Steven Falk

  1. A fascinating virtual walk with so much to see! I went on one of Steven’s actual walks in the past but it was so popular I didn’t get such a good view of the impressively caught and held specimens, so this was a bonus. Of course it was enhanced by the expert camera work and repartee and it was good to see some floral ‘friends’ as well. (I have a large specimen of that pink physostegia, from a BG plant sale, that’s currently being robbed of its nectar in the very way described).
    Thank you!

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